18 Jun 2015

Go GREEN & Give Climate Change the Red Light!

As a company, we believe that being socially responsible is not merely an obligation but a crucial responsibility. As both individuals and as a business, we actively look for ways in which we can boost job creation and enrich our local economy, but in this particular blog, we're going to be looking at why going green as a business is worth every cent!
Turning a blind business-eye to the fact that the Earth is suffering serious climate problems because it could be an expensive risk with little to no ROI, is nothing less than... cowardly. (Harsh, we know - but true --- and well worth advocating against by educating other businesses* and by setting an inspiring, realistic example of what it means to go green!

*How to Share Knowledge About #greentech & Climate Change Online:

  1. Linkedin articles
  2. Blog posts
  3. Company newsletters
  4. Sharing your own blog posts, green products and articles via Twitter, Facebook etc.
  5. Sharing the articles etc. of other #greentechies via Twitter, Facebook etc.
  • ALWAYS keep it real but positive - because there's nothing worse than being threatened into a corner by doom and gloom! 
  • Remember to also include a call to action: "Will you go green? Like and Share this post to grow #greentech and give climate change the red light!"
  • Tell YOUR business story about how going green energised the heart of your company, gave your business renewed purpose and --- actually boosted your ROI
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maxximise your {ECO}NOMIC SAVINGS!

One of the brands we stock is maxxim - a company who chose to transform the 'problems' of unemployment, a lagging economy and the global eco-crisis into an exciting opportunity to creatively seek out alternative and sustainable solutions. One of the ways they're making a very real difference is by reducing their carbon-footprint by radically altering their shipping strategy: i.e. their components are shipped straight from the manufacturer in the East to South Africa! (Compare this one-stop shipping route to most of their international competitors who ship their components from the East, then to their country (the States or Europe) for branding, and then on to a centralised distribution hub!)

In our next post, we'll be showing you why going green will make other businesses green with envy - and hopefully make them switch to green as well! 
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