7 Jul 2015

JUST IN: Fiber-Blowing Machines by Maxxim!

You're guaranteed to be blown away by our latest product line!


... and this is just one of the reasons why: the method of blowing fiber provides the most consistent and uniform pulling-force along the entire length of the cable! 


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  • can also be called a 'cable blowing machine'
  • designed to fit fiber optic cables into telecommunication ducts and microducts using compressed air
  • SAFE! FAST! EFFECTIVE -- even on the toughest terrain


• a head that ensures secure fitting of the duct into which the cable will be blown, and also supplying air to the duct. The cable inserted into the duct (via the head) runs through a sealing system which prevents the air from escaping the machine
• a belt feeder that moves the cable towards the head;
• a base plate or frame onto which the blowing machine’s sub-systems are mounted
• cable guidance - i.e. a system of rolls or bushes which guide the cable towards the blowing head
• an air connection which supplies the air securely to the blowing machine
• a meter counter which shows the length (and sometimes the velocity, as well) of the blown cable
• a control unit which enables control over the the speed of cable insertion, as well as the propelling power of the feeder.

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