21 Sep 2015

Submersible Pumps: A Concise History

Every day we are presented with high-speed developments in technology - which we typically take for granted, almost never stopping to consider the talented, skilled and often fearless human beings behind these world-changing inventions!

Today we're honouring the inventor of the Submersible Pump, Armais Aruntunoff!

"1928 Russian oil delivery system engineer and inventor Armais Arutunoff successfully installed the first submersible oil pump. In 1929, Pleuger Pumps pioneered the design of the submersible turbine pump, the forerunner of the modern multi-stage submersible pump. In the mid 1960s the first fully submersible deep-well water pump was developed." ~ Wikipedia

If history's your thing, read more about Aruntoff and the submersible pump's historical development here.

13 Aug 2015

Cabinets Can Control Your Cable Chaos!

maxxim has a limited offer special on their wall-mounted and floor-standing cabinets

Have a look at what they have available and give them a call on (021) 551 5973 while stocks last!

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Maxxim's Wall-Mounted Cabinets for Structured Cabling

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Maxxim's Floor-Standing Cabinets for Structured Cabling

7 Jul 2015

JUST IN: Fiber-Blowing Machines by Maxxim!

You're guaranteed to be blown away by our latest product line!


... and this is just one of the reasons why: the method of blowing fiber provides the most consistent and uniform pulling-force along the entire length of the cable! 


 [  Read more below!  ]



  • can also be called a 'cable blowing machine'
  • designed to fit fiber optic cables into telecommunication ducts and microducts using compressed air
  • SAFE! FAST! EFFECTIVE -- even on the toughest terrain


• a head that ensures secure fitting of the duct into which the cable will be blown, and also supplying air to the duct. The cable inserted into the duct (via the head) runs through a sealing system which prevents the air from escaping the machine
• a belt feeder that moves the cable towards the head;
• a base plate or frame onto which the blowing machine’s sub-systems are mounted
• cable guidance - i.e. a system of rolls or bushes which guide the cable towards the blowing head
• an air connection which supplies the air securely to the blowing machine
• a meter counter which shows the length (and sometimes the velocity, as well) of the blown cable
• a control unit which enables control over the the speed of cable insertion, as well as the propelling power of the feeder.

18 Jun 2015

Go GREEN & Give Climate Change the Red Light!

As a company, we believe that being socially responsible is not merely an obligation but a crucial responsibility. As both individuals and as a business, we actively look for ways in which we can boost job creation and enrich our local economy, but in this particular blog, we're going to be looking at why going green as a business is worth every cent!
Turning a blind business-eye to the fact that the Earth is suffering serious climate problems because it could be an expensive risk with little to no ROI, is nothing less than... cowardly. (Harsh, we know - but true --- and well worth advocating against by educating other businesses* and by setting an inspiring, realistic example of what it means to go green!

*How to Share Knowledge About #greentech & Climate Change Online:

  1. Linkedin articles
  2. Blog posts
  3. Company newsletters
  4. Sharing your own blog posts, green products and articles via Twitter, Facebook etc.
  5. Sharing the articles etc. of other #greentechies via Twitter, Facebook etc.
  • ALWAYS keep it real but positive - because there's nothing worse than being threatened into a corner by doom and gloom! 
  • Remember to also include a call to action: "Will you go green? Like and Share this post to grow #greentech and give climate change the red light!"
  • Tell YOUR business story about how going green energised the heart of your company, gave your business renewed purpose and --- actually boosted your ROI
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

maxximise your {ECO}NOMIC SAVINGS!

One of the brands we stock is maxxim - a company who chose to transform the 'problems' of unemployment, a lagging economy and the global eco-crisis into an exciting opportunity to creatively seek out alternative and sustainable solutions. One of the ways they're making a very real difference is by reducing their carbon-footprint by radically altering their shipping strategy: i.e. their components are shipped straight from the manufacturer in the East to South Africa! (Compare this one-stop shipping route to most of their international competitors who ship their components from the East, then to their country (the States or Europe) for branding, and then on to a centralised distribution hub!)

In our next post, we'll be showing you why going green will make other businesses green with envy - and hopefully make them switch to green as well! 
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1 Jun 2015

GO AGAINST THE CURRENT: Why You Should Choose Fiber Over Copper

maxxim is now South Africa’s complete solution-provider for every fiber optic need - with brand new additions to our structured cabling offering of a full, locally branded, green-tech fiber optic solution – with a range of high-tech machines and cutting-edge tools, like the mindblowingly fast fiber-blowing equipment!

With our newest shipment, we're giving you the opportunity to experience the power of Maxxim with this LIMITED OFFER:  a maxxim Tool Kit FTTH-MX02A
WAS R8 579.82! NOW ONLY R5 999.00!


Fiber optic cable is undeniably the superior choice over copper when it comes to setting up brand new cabling installations, as well as upgrades - including desktop, horizontal and backbone installations. The lower costs and increased proliferation of media converters is making the migration from copper to fiber effortlessly easy, with converters delivering seamless links and also supporting the use of existing hardware.


Because fiber optics transmit signals through their core of glass (which is an insulator) as light and not current, they can carry signals through places where EMI would normally block transmission.


  • Fiber can be submerged in water AND is much less vulnerable to temperature variations.
  • Fiber is immune to EMI (Electromagnetic Interference), RFI (Radio-Frequency Interference), impedance problems and crosstalk.

How would this would benefit you and boost your ROI? Your fiber cable can be run alongside industrial equipment with zero impedance!

  • The pulling specification of fiber is up to 10 times greater than copper cable!
  • It’s smaller size means it is much easier to handlespeedier to install - and iseasier to test than its copper counterpart.


Data Security
 Magnetic fields and current induction generate noise in signal-carrying conductors and allow the information on the conductor to be leaked out. Shielding the wire can reduce the problem but still allows sufficient signal leak to enable tapping!
                In high definition contrast, fiber is the most sophisticatedly secure medium to employ when carrying sensitive data because they do not radiate electromagnetic energy as the emissions can’t be intercepted without actually cutting into the fiber itself. Even so, physically tapping into the fiber undetected requires an immense degree of expertise. In the event of your cable being tapped, it is easy to monitor because the cable will leak light, and will cause the entire system to fail.
             Having one centrally-located fiber network means you can avoid spreading your network through the building in wire closets – which also tightens up on your data security.


Due to subtle variations in electrical potential, metal cables can encounter signal transmission problems, like ‘ground loop’ where the difference in ground potential at two ends of a wire becomes comparable to the signal level, with stray currents causing noise. The bigger the differences, the bigger the potential for component damage!(Electric utilities are most at risk due to their power plants and switching stations having potentially large differences.)
        Outdoor cables in some computer networks face the danger of being hit bylightning, causing detrimental damage to wires and other cables involved in the network. (Protective devices to block currents and voltage surges are fairly effective, but unfortunately not fool-proof.)
        To avoid ground loops and power surges, fiber optic cables can be made non-conductive by excluding metal in their design. This is an economical solution for indoor applications, but becomes exponentially more expensive in an outdoor application because of the need for special strength members. The higher cost, however, is worth the elimination of ground loops and protection of electronic equipment against surge damage.


Transmitting signals electronically, in certain circumstances, can be highly dangerous because most electric potentials generate sparks which, ordinarily are non-threatening, but can trigger a massive explosion in an environment where the air is saturated with explosive vapours. e.g. an oil refinery or chemical plant. The perfect risk-eliminating solution? Fiber optics. They don’t carry current and therefore are unable to create hazardous sparks.


Fiber cables are easier to install due to their smaller size and flexibility – which means they are the most effective alternative to increasing the transmissions capacity of wire cables (which would increase their thickness and rigidity.) Another bonus is that fiber cables can run along the same routes as electric cables without picking up excessive noise.

INSTALLATION TIP: Streamline and simplify installation in existing buildings by running fiber cables through the ventilation ducts. (Remember that fire codes call for plenum cables to be made from cost-inflating fire-retardant materials.) An additional benefit is that the lightweight flexibility and smaller size of fiber optic cables also make them easier for use in portable or temporary installations.

6. NICE FROM FAR: Boosted, Distance-Demolishing Bandwidth

Fiber optics have phenomenal capacity to carry high speed signals over long distances minus the need for repeaters, with the information-carrying capacity increasing with frequency.

FIBER FACT: fiber optic cable has a bandwidth parameter of 400MHz/km compared to coaxial cables’ bandwidth of just a few MHz.km – which is a massive influencing factor in why you should opt for fiber in data communications. Also, by adding fiber to a wire network, it will allow the network to reach terminals outside of its normal range. Terminating fiber has been vastly improved by new advancements in technology, withquick-fusion splicers allowing lightning fast auto-alignments which, as you know, ensures absolute accuracyPig-tails and pre-terminated cable also improve the speed and ease of making field connections.

FIBER FACT: Laser-optimized OM3 50-micron cable has an EMB of 2000 MHz/km. Laser-optimized OM4 50-micron cables has an EMB of 4700 MHz/km.

FIBER FACT: Fiber does not have the 100-meter (328-ft.) distance limitation of unshielded twisted pair copper (without a booster). Fiber distances depend on the style of cable, wavelength and network. Distances can range from 550 meters (984.2 ft.) for 10-Gbps multimode and up to 40 kilometers (24.8 mi.) for single-mode cable

At the end of the day, cost often causes us to choose an inferior product – but now, with the steady reduction in cost of fiber cable, components and hardware, it means we are now empowered to make the very best choice! As they say, 'goedkoop is duurkoop' – and the short-term investment in fiber means a much lower, long-term expenditure on maintenance, decreased downtime and less networking hardware.

Will you choose the speed of light?


CALL US NOW for more information about our one-stop fiber optic solution!
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9 May 2015

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4 Apr 2014

TNW Data & Trustport Antivirus Software - Looking For Re-Sellers Throughout South Africa

Dear Customer

TNW Data has been appointed as the Trustport Antivirus software distributors in South Africa and looking for reliable re-sellers throughout South Africa to supply this product to the market.

TrustPort Antivirus 2014 tops the latest Virus Bulletin comparative and it has once again that it indeed has the best malware detection in the world. The recent Virus Bulletin comparative review was run on the Windows 8.1 platform and 44 different pieces of antivirus software was tested. TrustPort Antivirus has beaten all the other products with the detection rate of 91,4%.”

I have attached a very simple price list to this e-mail. It is a very small amount of money for software i.e. 1 User Licence for 1 Year = R 89.60 Excl. Vat. (This is actually reseller price).

Look at the price list, there is different options for 1 year or 2 year licences and options for the amount of licences i.e. 6 User/PC’s for 2 years = R 346.54 Excl. Vat.

There is three different software options:

1.            Antivirus – (Only Antivirus)
2.            Internet Security – (Antivirus with Spyware)
3.            Total Protection – (All of the above and other tools)

To get software:

1.            Refer client to website (www.trustport.com) and let the potential client download which ever package he wants so he can I install trial version and test / Also we can download each version so long ourselves and put it on CD’s for people, or add it to their memory stick when they come to our offices. Below is links for each software option to download:

2.            If client likes what he sees, we will invoice you for whatever licences he wants, and supply you with the relevant license key. Done.

If you are interested install Trustport in your offices and give it a go, if you have current antivirus software we can arrange a cross license at a hugely discounted price




Lic Qty

R 89.60
R 119.91
R 209.51
Antivirus & antispyware

R 148.89
R 197.65
R 346.54

R 67.20
R 89.60
R 156.80

R 110.68
R 148.89
R 259.58

Internet Security
R 119.91
R 150.21
R 239.81
Antivirus & antispyware

R 197.65
R 247.72
R 395.29
Email protection

Website monitoring
R 89.60
R 112.00
R 180.52
Application inspector

R 148.89
R 185.79
R 296.47
Intelligent firewall

Total Protection
R 150.21
R 180.52
R 270.12
Antivirus & antispyware

R 247.72
R 296.47
R 445.36
Internet protection

Intelligent firewall
R 112.00
R 134.40
R 202.92
Data protection by encryption

R 185.79
R 222.68
R 334.68
Reliable data shredding

Access management - NEW!
R 26.35
R 65.88
R 92.24