30 Aug 2011

Legrand Soluflex Raised Flooring

Hundreds of thousands square meters of Solulex have already
been installed around the world for good reason – the Solulex
cable floor system offers lexibility. The Solulex floor consists of 
225 x 255 mm metal tiles, mounted on polypropylene supports.
Underneath there is suficient room for cabling. Cables can be 
placed in cable paths under the entire floor. Carpet tiles and  
other floor inishes, such as PVC, stone, rubber or wood, make it
complete and give unlimited freedom when designing work places.
For old buildings, new housing and renovation projects Solulex
always offers the best solution. The supports come in different
heights: 37, 60, 90 and 120 mm. The system is ideally suited for
renovation projects. Old buildings particularly have a great need
for additional electrical infrastructure, and (Solulex height of 
37 mm) makes this possible and creates maximum flexibility. 
In new developments, there are no limitations in the design stage
as the precise location of electricity and data cables can be
determined in the last phase of the building process.
The floor is quickly, easily and noiselessly installed. You can choose
out of a large number of components and accessories to complete
the loor system. The low plenum height means this cable floor
system is self-extinguishing in case a fire starts underneath the loor.
In addition to traditional floor systems, Solulex is very low weight
and easy to manage.

For pricing on the amazing product please call us on 
Tel: 021 551 5973 or send an e-mail to info@tnwdata.co.za.


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