27 Oct 2012

Level-One Online Catalogue

LevelOne provides new ways of viewing product catalogue Product information with just a click of mouse

 The leading German network brand LevelOne has created a completely new and user-friendly online catalogue to all welcome customers. The new online catalog presents full range of our product information’s, with just a few clicks of a mouse you can easily read through more than 400 LevelOne products.

To get started there are a few useful functions that helps users to read through our online catalog quickly and simply.

1. Table of content function on the left down
corner, it allows user to conveniently navigate what categories is showing on our online catalog. Users can simply click at specific category you are interested in and browse that category straight away.
2. The full-text search function on the right top corner, users can enter keyword such as “Fixed Network Camera” and the online catalog will search possible term and show up the result at the left hand bar.
3. Build
modern methods of communication
our online catalog supports mobile devices viewing (iPhone and Android) and tablets devices (ipad and Android). Users can enjoy a real turn page effect on your smart phones and share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

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