11 Oct 2010

Increase your profit margin...

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Increase your profit margin….
This is a quick interesting note from TNW Security on how to increase your profitability on your next CCTV Camera installation. Let's face it, in the difficult economic times we find ourselves at the moment, it is about how to increase your profitability on the jobs you do get, as there is not much work floating around out here. This is a simple and sure fire way to save costs on your next installation.
On your next installation use standard Cat5e UTP cable to install your normal analogue cameras, using twisted pair baluns and I will explain the saving below:
 Coaxial installation of 4 cameras in same area using Coaxial Cable:
 400m of Coaxial Cable @ R 2.25 p/m = R 900.00 Total = R 900.00
 UTP installation of 4 cameras in the same area using 1 UTP Cable:
 100m of UTP Cable @ R 2.20 p/m = R 220.00
2 x 4 Port UTP to Coaxial Baluns = R 360.00 Total = R 580.00
 Saving of R 320.00
 Saving of over 35%!!!
 Not to mention how much easier and quicker the UTP Cat5e cable is to install than coaxial cable, and the time saved to install one cable instead of four!!

We have single and 4-port UTP baluns in stock and allot of Cat5e UTP cable for your next installation, please contact our sales office on 021 551 5973 for more information. I include the spec sheets of the baluns with this e-mail.
 Please contact me on denzilp@tnwcape.co.za for more information or our complete price list.

Denzil Pietersen
TNW Security

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