12 Oct 2010

Looking for a Reliable Security System at the Home or Office

Looking for a Reliable Security System at the Home or Office???

Unit 1, Manfield Park, 12-14 Dawn Rd. Montague Gardens, Cape Town

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We can help you….

The TNW Group have been in the networking and CCTV field for over 8 years and have over 30 years of combined knowledge within the business. We are situated in Montague Gardens Cape Town with clients and service agent’s country wide.

With a wide variety of CCTV products to our disposal we will be able to supply you with the right product for your needs at the best price. From the most basic cost effective product for home use to the most sophisticated products for large corporate business.

Please quote this coupon number via phone or e-mail
(Coupon Number: XJS785) for a free consultation.

Make sure you secure you and your family today!

Finance Options Available

TNW Security
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